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Snowmobile tours in Zakopane with a guide

Take part in the best winter attraction in Zakopane – a snowmobile trip with a guide. Travel along mountain trails, snow-covered glades and forests to discover the beauty of the Tatra nature.

Instructions before a snowmobile trip

For safety’s sake, before the trip, our guide always conducts training on how to use and operate a snowmobile. The training includes basic instructions such as operating the gas and brake levers, as well as balancing the body in corners. The guide also informs how to behave in situations that may occur on the route, such as leaving the scooter trail.

szkolenie przed wyprawą skuterem śnieżnym
skutery śnieżne Zakopane

We start slowly so that you become familiar with riding a snowmobile

We always start the first 10-20 minutes with a slower ride so that you become familiar with operating the snowmobile. This is important because later in the trip, if the group can handle it, we can go faster and we can also go on trails that require a little more control over a snowmobile.

Ride your snowmobile faster

During a snowmobile trip in Zakopane, if snow conditions allow it, there will be space and time for a fast ride. Of course, in a place where you can drive quickly and safely.

skutery śnieżne zakopane
skutery śnieżne zakopane

Beautiful views during a snowmobile trip

The route runs in such a way that while driving we are accompanied by beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane and the surrounding area. We always try to take a break in a place where the photos will look best. You will remember these moments from your snowmobile trip long after you leave Zakopane.

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