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* Our BUGGY RIDES provide a breathtaking experience, so if this is a serious problem for you, you better give up...

… though you’ll probably regret it.

You are in Zakopane and you want to Buggy ride?

You’ve come to the right place!

You can rent a buggy and go for a guided ride in a wild mountain forest. Before setting off, our guide will conduct the necessary instruction on driving a UTV so that you can confidently set off on an extraordinary adventure. Our routes lead in mountainous terrain, where you will have the opportunity to feel what off-road buggy driving is.

Buggy Zakopane utv side by side

Buggy also known as UTV or Side By Side are vehicles that are gaining more and more popularity, especially in Zakopane and the surrounding area. Driving a buggy is basically similar to a car. It is a small 4×4 off-road car weighing around 450 kg, which makes it very easy to cover hard-to-reach areas. Our Buggy of the renowned Polaris brand is equipped with an automatic transmission, which makes it very easy to drive. Independent suspension in the buggy makes it easy to overcome all sorts of unevenness. Take advantage of our offer and see for yourself how this UTV is driven.

You don't need to know how to drive a buggy

Operation is simple and largely comes down to the same actions you do when driving a car. So if you have a driving license, driving a buggy should not be difficult for you. And for those who like to drive with an automatic transmission, we have good news – our buggies have one. You don’t have to think about any gear changes. In addition, before the ride you will receive a driving instruction and the care of a guide who will take care of your safety.

Off-road buggy riding

for adrenaline seekers

With us you will experience off-road buggy driving in mountain forests, mud and streams, so if you care about something more than just a simple buggy ride on asphalt. Then our offer is for you. We have reliable, branded Polaris RZR buggy, which will easily overcome any obstacle.

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Quady i Buggy 4x4 zakopane

Our routes are a real treat for lovers of off-road driving and adrenaline. And a 4×4 buggy ride in mountainous areas, forests, muds and streams will give you many impressions.

While driving a buggy, you will have the opportunity to drive through numerous obstacles, including water, mud and forests.

Experienced guides know the area like the back of their hand and always care about the safety of participants. Get ready for a thrilling ride and an unforgettable experience!

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