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* Our Quad Rides provide a breathtaking experience, so if this is a serious problem for you, you better give up...

… though you’ll probably regret it.

WOULD YOU like to Quad bikes ride?

You’ve come to the right place!

You can rent a quad / ATV and go on a guided trip in the wild mountain forest or along a beautiful scenic route. Before setting off, our guide will conduct the necessary quad biking instruction so that you can confidently set off on an extraordinary adventure. Our routes lead in mountainous terrain, where you will have the opportunity to feel what off-road quad riding is.

We are a company that organizes adventure trips on quads / ATVs in Zakopane. In the summer, we offer scenic tours and trips on quads, and in the winter, we offer trips on snowmobiles. Our offer also includes integration events for companies and company trips.

We have our own fleet of quads / ATV 4×4, which allows us to organize offroad events for companies in Zakopane and the surrounding area. We serve individual tourists and organized groups.

Our routes lead through picturesque mountain areas. As a quad rental and event organizer, we focus on professional service and safety of our clients during a quad trip.

You don't need to know how to ride a quad

About 50% of our customers have never ridden an ATV before. Operation is simple and largely comes down to the same actions you do when driving a car. And for people who like driving with an automatic transmission, we have good news – we have such quads. You don’t have to think about any gear changes. In addition, before the ride you will receive a quad biking instruction and the care of a guide on the track who will take care of your safety.

100% off-road quad tours

for adrenaline seekers

Other quad rentals do asphalt tours? With us, you can choose Quads Offroad options if you want something more than just a regular quad ride. You will experience for yourself what it is like to drive in a wild mountain area.

Quad trips along the scenic route

for lovers of sensations and beautiful views

Do you want to ride a quad with beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains? This is an option for you. Choose the scenic route and enjoy quad biking in mountainous terrain with a beautiful panorama. The power of sensations is guaranteed.

Co zapewniamy?

quady zakopane - quad bike rental

Quads 4x4

We have reliable 4×4 quads that will allow you to safely overcome all forest obstacles.


You will also receive a helmet from us that will ensure your safety while riding a quad.

quady zakopane - quad bike rental

Guide assistance

The guide will not only show you the routes for quads, but also advise you on how to overcome more difficult obstacles – such as driving through lying logs of wood.


During the quad trip you can get muddy, so it’s better to dress so that you don’t worry too much about your appearance after the trip 😉


quady zakopane - quad bike rental

Scenic tour 1 hour

We invite you for an unforgettable adventure on quads, during which you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful views of Zakopane. Our sightseeing tour always takes place with a guide who will lead you along scenic routes. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, this tour is for you!

All you need is a driver’s license. Our ATVs are easy to operate, so you can focus on enjoying the beautiful views and enjoying an exciting ride. You don’t have to worry about the route or navigation, our guide knows the area like the back of his hand and will keep you safe throughout the trip.

from 300 pln

quady zakopane - quad bike rental

Scenic tour 2 hours

If you dream of a trip on quads, our scenic tour is just for you! All the time you will be accompanied by our experienced guide who will lead you along the picturesque routes of Zakopane.

You don’t need to have experience driving quad bikes to take part in our tour. Our vehicles are easy to operate and your guide will walk you through a short training session and give you the necessary tips before starting the tour. During the tour you will be able to admire unforgettable views, and stops at picturesque viewpoints will allow you to take unique photos.

Get ready for an amazing adventure and thrilling ride!

from 500 pln

quady zakopane - quad elektryczny

Offroad trip 1 hour

Our off road route is a real treat for lovers of off-road driving and adrenaline. An expedition through mountain areas, forests, muds and streams!

During the trip, you will have the opportunity to drive through numerous off-road obstacles, including water, mud and forests. Our 4×4 quads are great for overcoming difficult terrain.

Experienced guides know the area like the back of their hand and always care about the safety of the expedition participants. Get ready for a thrilling ride and an unforgettable experience!

from 320 pln

quady zakopane

Offroad trip 2 hours

Do you dream of an extraordinary adventure in the mountains? Our off-road trip on quads offers you a ride on difficult and demanding terrains.

During the off road route, you will face numerous challenges such as mud, streams and mountainous terrain. Our 4×4 quads are able to overcome any obstacle, and our experienced guides will always be by your side to help and advise.

Our trip offers a great combination of adventure and adrenaline. This is an amazing opportunity to get to know nature up close and experience an unforgettable experience!

from 520 pln

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