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Zakopane snowmobile tours


* Our snowmobile expeditions provide breathtaking experiences, so if it is a serious problem for you, better give up ...

… although you will probably regret it.

Do you want to try snowmobile ride?

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You can use a snowmobile rental and go on a trip individually tailored to your skills. Before setting off on the beautiful mountain trails, our guide will give you the necessary instruction on how to ride a snowmobile so that you can confidently set off on an extraordinary winter adventure.


skutery śnieżne

Adventurous people

snowmobile tours zakopane


skutery śnieżne zakopane

Winter aura

You don't need to know how to ride

About 90% of our customers have never ridden a snowmobile before. The operation of the snowmobile is very simple, because it is just adding gas and braking. You don’t have to think about any gear changes. In addition, before each trip, our guides provide instructions on how to ride a snowmobile.


                               Large groups and snail’s pace riding not for you?

You’ve come to the right place, because with us you can choose the type of trip tailored to your needs. We care about your satisfaction, which is why a maximum of 5-6 snowmobiles participate in one trip, and sometimes even less. Dividing participants into scenic and off-road trips allows us to better match the route and driving style of the snowmobile to your expectations. The mountainous terrain allows us to arrange the route in many ways, and each trip is different. That is why our clients sometimes use our services several times during one season and still have a shortage.


for adrenaline seekers

Off-road trips recommended for people who have had contact with motorcycles, quads, jet skis or have already ridden a snowmobile and want to feel the rush of adrenaline while driving. On the route, there are many more difficult descents and ascents that will give you a greater adrenaline rush. During the ride, the guide always offers advice on how to overcome a given element with a snowmobile in the best technical way. Of course, during this snowmobile trip there will also be moments when you can hit the gas to the sections.

Basic tours

for beautiful landscapes seekers

Definitely recommended for people who want to go on a snowmobile trip for beautiful views or a great winter climate and beautiful photos. A scenic trip doesn’t mean it will be boring. We always try to provide our customers with a lot of experience during a snowmobile trip. You will see the surroundings of Zakopane from a completely different – wild, mountainous perspective. Crossing these areas in winter is pure pleasure.

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Hundreds of snowmobile trips

Our guides have conducted hundreds of snowmobile trips and thousands of satisfied customers. This work is their passion, and they would ride snowmobiles even in the summer, if only there was snow in Zakopane.

Mountain terrain

Perfect for snowmobiles

The surroundings of Zakopane have many charming places. The routes on which we ride run in mountainous terrain with beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains. You can see a completely different Zakopane from a snowmobile, and there will be plenty of opportunities to take beautiful photos. There is no better opportunity for an unforgettable experience than snowmobiles


Safety on a snowmobile is essential

Your safety is our priority, which is why we service our snowmobiles on an ongoing basis. We want to provide you with as many positive experiences as possible from riding a snowmobile.

Don't wait until they all gone,

Snowmobile tours zakopane

Start place - meeting point

Our snowmobile trips take place along the Gubałówka and Butorowy Wierch range stretching to Witów. The starting point is located on the northern side of the range, where the snow lies the longest and we can often ride snowmobiles there even in March. This mountain range reaches over 1100m above sea level. and conditions for snowmobiling are usually very good here during the winter.

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