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Snowmobiles Zakopane - offer and price list


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All types of snowmobile guided trips

for the 2023/24 season

The price list is valid for snowmobile trips from December 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024

All snowmobile rent are guided trips

If there is no snow on the booked date:

  • we can change the date to another one
  • cancel reservation and refund money for the paid trip

If you don’t find a date that suits you, call us, because sometimes there are dates available that are not shown when booking online

Book online or by calling us

Price list for additional services

skutery śnieżne zakopane

Rent winter clothes - 50 PLN

If you came to Zakopane and the snow conditions surprised you, you can still go snowmobiling. We also offer winter clothing rental. The set includes: winter boots, ski pants, a warm jacket and gloves.

If you are wondering how to best dress for winter conditions, read our article on how to dress for a snowmobile.

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